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CEO Corner - Apr 3 By Graham

Do Higher Standards = A STRAIGHT Stronger BNI Community?

Today, BNI Customers are recognized globally as passionate, giving business professionals who define, enable, and become successful through collaboration - not competition. In BNI, we easily phone it Givers Gain®. In the last twelve months, our passion for collaboration produced 9 million referrals and over $14 billion USD in closed organization for fellow BNI Users in 70 countries. That’s an amazing amount, and it means businesses are growing, careers are being created, households are obtaining their dreams, and communities happen to be being strengthened. That’s terrific . . . but we’re just starting out. We’re now working night and day and investing as part of your in new tools, training and technology which will make YOU more successful than ever before.

As we strengthen and grow the global BNI Community, I’m sometimes asked whether we have to - together as a community - raise the benchmarks for ourselves? Would this generate each of us far better individually? Could we affect the world a lot more? Many within BNI would emphatically declare “Yes!”

So, what are a few examples of standards we might mutually reconsider in BNI? 

  • Original Acceptance into BNI - Should we augment our screening process for possible People? Should we better establish expectations of new Associates before they become a member of? Should we more thoughtfully determine their long-term determination to BNI? 
  • Commitment to What BNI is focused on - Should BNI Membership Committees expect even more referrals and Closed Organization from fellow Users before granting renewal? As long as they expect a bigger level of determination to BNI’s Core Ideals? If we realize it helps Members become more good, should advanced training (ex: BNI’s Advanced Member Achievements Program) end up being the norm? 
  • Interaction Beyond Chapter Meetings - Should there get straight forward norms regarding responsiveness to fellow BNI Customers (ex: returning emails or perhaps calls within a day)? Should Customers prioritize referrals from Users over referrals they receive from non-BNI Members? 
  • Investing in in BNI - Should most of us reaffirm an expectation that Members make an effort to “Purchase in BNI” before going beyond BNI? Should BNI Users generally give different BNI Members their virtually all favorable pricing and conditions? 
  • THE ENERGY of Global - Do you realize BNI is the most significant network of its kind on the planet? Should we establish straightforward expectations relating to how BNI Participants should help People from other BNI Chapters? How about helping BNI People from other countries? Today, you may receive a large amount of referrals from your Chapter. Tomorrow, you may receive referrals from over 8,300 BNI chapters worldwide. 

Question: Does raising benchmarks mean more guidelines? No! On the contrary, we will work to streamline functions and “rules” to allow BNI Members - and specifically BNI Chapter Leadership Teams - to target their period on what they do ideal - helping fellow BNI Customers be wildly successful running a business.

I’d really like your input in these topics. Should you have three (3) mins, please take this brief survey and I’ll report back on the benefits in up coming month’s SuccessNet.

Lastly, as a short follow-up to my article last month, I just wanted to thank you for your incredibly kind cell phone calls and emails of support. While there’s an extended street to go, I’m happy to article that my father’s medical procedures went well and we desire to have him house within a couple weeks. From underneath of my heart, many thanks. You certainly are a terrific family that I’m incredibly grateful!

Now, venture out and achieve your virtually all daring dreams . . . and some.